Recurring Cleaning

Let’s get on a schedule together—when you enlist our recurring services, we get to know your home inside and out. We know how hectic life can get and finding time to tidy up or even fit in a deeper clean can be challenging. Our recurring services allow our team of professional house cleaners to customize a cleaning plan according to your specific (and, often, changing) needs. We want your home to stay cleaner longer and we don’t believe in surprises, which is why we provide a free in-home estimate so you know ahead of time the pricing structure. The frequency of cleanings is customized for individual preferences—weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every three weeks, bi-monthly.


    A sought-after solution for busy executives and families who cannot dedicate time to clean their home.


    Ideal for those who do light cleaning every week or every other week but require a deeper clean for upkeep.


    For people who clean their homes regularly, but could use a little help on occasion.


Order & Calmness

Establishing regular cleaning routines helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, enhancing your peace of mind. Our professional house cleaning service ensures your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. At your free in-home consultation, we’ll discuss conducting an initial cleaning. You may choose to be present at each cleaning or provide Maid Bright access to your home. If you give us a key or garage code, it will be secured once received.
Maid Bright creates a customized cleaning plan tailored to your specific needs. A typical service will include dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, disinfecting, changing linens, cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

Cleaning Checklist

  • Maid-Bright-Professional-House-Cleaning-Service-CheckList-Kitchen


    • Cabinet Fronts
    • Countertops
    • Stovetop, Front and Hood
    • Refrigerator Top, Front and Sides
    • Sink Walls Spot Cleaned
    • Doors Spot Cleaned
    • Floors Vacuumed & Washed
    • Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
    • Window Over Sink
    • Clean Accessories
  • Maid-Bright-Professional-House-Cleaning-Service-CheckList-Bathroom


    • Floors Vacuumed & Washed
    • Walls & Doors Spot Cleaned
    • Light Fixtures
    • Wipe Mirrors
    • Tubs & Showers
    • Wipe Baseboards
    • Wipe Blinds/Windowsills
    • Sinks & Toilets
    • Cabinet Fronts
    • Counter tops
  • Maid-Bright-Professional-House-Cleaning-Checklist-Bedroom


    • Floors Vacuumed & Washed
    • Walls & Doors Spot Cleaned
    • Light Fixtures
    • Wipe Mirrors
    • Tubs & Showers
  • Maid-Bright-Professional-House-Cleaning-Checklist-Living-Spaces

    Living Spaces

    • Dust Furniture
    • Dust Picture Frames
    • Dust Knick Knacks
    • Dust Ceiling Fans
    • Dust Lamp Shades
    • Sliding Glass Door
    • Vac the Room & Carpet Edges
    • Wipe Blinds
    • Wipe Mirrors
    • Wipe Baseboards
    • Walls & Doors
    • Dust Lamps
    • Wipe Windowsills

Schedule Your Free In-Home Consultation

Maid Bright offers free in-home consultations for those who are interested in recurring cleanings.

    Go Green Every Day

    Maid Bright is committed to using effective yet environmentally friendly products that are safe for the whole family, including your pets. You can breathe easy knowing that your air has never been fresher or safer — both for you and for our planet.

    We Go Above and Beyond

    Maid Bright is dedicated to offering an expert cleaning service that leaves our clients smiling and satisfied. If any detail of your recurring cleaning isn’t up to your standards, we encourage you to let us know. If you’re not 100% satisfied, just reach out within 24 hours of your cleaning so that we can remedy the situation at no added cost.