October 05, 2020

What Won't My Maid Service Clean?

Most maid service professionals scour, scrub, sanitize and disinfect the major touch points in a house. These include bathtubs, sinks, toilets, faucets, countertops, and floors. However, there are some items that house cleaners only clean during specially arranged visits, or aren’t able to clean at all.
In order to get the best experience when partnering with your preferred maid cleaning provider, read through the list of common places and things that maids like the ones at Maid Bright can’t tackle.

What Won’t the Maids Clean?

Below are a few items and areas that you’ll have to clean yourself or hire an industry-specific professional to handle.

1. Biological Waste Materials

If you have any biological waste in your house, your maids won’t clean it up. What constitutes biological waste? Dead animals, fresh pet messes, and dirty or used medical equipment like syringes.

2. Laundry and Linens

A cleaning service is designed to leave your home looking and smelling its best. However, you should not expect professional cleaners to run your clothing or linens through the wash, fold dried laundry, or iron your clothing or other textiles.If you leave fresh linens to change your beds, Maid Bright can definitely help!

3. Dirty Places That Are High Up

Do you have a very high bookshelf or other space that can only be reached by ladder? Cleaning professionals normally will not climb ladders to access grimy spaces for safety reasons.

4. Washing Machines

Is your washing machine smelling a little foul? While some cleaners can help you learn how to freshen up your washing machine, they won’t try to clean it themselves during an appointment.

5. Windows

Although you can almost certainly schedule a special window cleaning visit with your favorite maid service, they won’t clean your windows normally. Windows take special time and care to get streak-free and spotless. Plan to arrange a different appointment with your cleaners to address your dirty windows from the inside of the house.

6. Questionable Odors

Maid cleaning services are accustomed to freshening up homes. It’s what they do for a living. Nevertheless, they aren’t equipped to remove strong, lingering odors. For instance, if someone in your household smokes indoors, the maids will not be able to clean away the smoke odor. Similarly, they can’t promise that a long-standing odor coming from a questionable source will be gone after they do surface cleaning.

7. Dishwasher Loads and Unloads

You can definitely ask your cleaning providers to wipe off the outside of your dishwasher, whether’s it’s plastic or stainless steel. However, maids are not set up to load or unload the dishwasher. When you know the maid service is coming, make sure you load up your dishwasher. Leaving unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink will mean that the maids can’t clean it that visit.

8. Bedbugs and Insect Infestations

Bedbugs and pest-related infestations should be dealt with by a pest control company, not a maid cleaning service. Maids and their equipment should not be exposed to bedbugs. If you’re aware of a problem in your home, please contact the proper professionals to address it.

9. Heavy Objects

Maids will clean heavy objects such as the refrigerator or a lovely antique bookshelf. They will not move them, though.

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