July 21, 2023

How to Save Time Cleaning

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office only to realize you have a list of chores to do before the day is over. Eventually, that list of chores can build up, leaving you with a messy home you need to spend hours cleaning. Fortunately, you can keep your home clean and manageable by doing a little every day and cleaning more efficiently.
Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time. Even those who love cleaning can benefit from knowing these cleaning tips.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Setting timers for different tasks is a great way to manage your efficiency. You can map out your chores by estimating how much time a task will take you and prioritizing the task based on what it is. Some tasks should happen daily, like sweeping, and others can happen weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
When creating your cleaning schedule, keep your responsibilities in mind. For example, some days, you may work longer than others, or you may have to take care of the kids after work, which reduces the time you have for picking up around the house. You can also save deep cleaning for the weekends if you think that’ll work best for you.

Create a Cleaning System

Once you’ve created your cleaning schedule, try to stick with it so it becomes an ingrained routine. You can incorporate various deep cleaning hacks into your routine to save time.
Using dish soap spray to clean your dishes, vacuuming across your carpet horizontally and then vertically, and putting a dry towel with your wet clothes so they dry faster are some examples of things you can do to save time. Experiment and find the best cleaning hacks for you.

Let Your Appliances Clean Themselves

Some of your appliances can clean themselves, helping you drastically cut down on the time you spend cleaning.
You can purchase a microwave food cover to prevent your microwave from getting dirty. When you need to clean your microwave, you can fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and add a lemon slice. Microwave it until it boils and produces steam. The microwave should be clean, but if there’s any remaining grime, you can use a washcloth to remove it.
Another appliance that can clean itself is your dishwasher. You can buy a dishwasher cleaner and run a cycle following the instructions. Your oven may also have a self-clean feature you can utilize. It’ll heat to an extremely high temperature to burn all the stuff off the bottom.

Clean With Everyday Items

There are many household items lying around your house that you can use as cleaning supplies. Here are some household items you can use to clean:
Dryer sheets: Used dryer sheets are wonderful for dusting. Their static helps them lift dust off appliances, blinds, and other surfaces.
Vinegar: Vinegar can disinfect and clean surfaces. It’s excellent at removing dirt, grease, and grime.
Baking soda: Baking soda can neutralize odors, such as the ones in shoes.
Coffee filters: You can use coffee filters to clean surfaces without leaving any streaks.
Lemon juice: Lemon acid is antibacterial and an antiseptic, and it leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent. You can mix lemon with water and use it to clean surfaces.

Stay Organized

Keeping your belongings and cleaning supplies organized allows you to find what you need quickly. You can keep your stuff organized by using the following products and tricks:
Hanging storage products: Hanging storage products enable you to make the most of your space and keep items out of the reach of children and pets. You can use hanging baskets, shoe cubbies, and hooks.
Cleaning caddies: You can organize your supplies for different rooms in cleaning caddies. Then, you can carry the caddy you need into the room you’re cleaning and have all your supplies within arm’s reach.
Tension rods: Tension rods are useful for storing gloves and spray bottles.
Lazy Susan: You can organize your spices on this turntable to clear up cabinet space.
Color coding your closet: Color coding your wardrobe lets you find what you want easier.
Storage baskets: Storage baskets are decorative and provide additional space for you to store loose items.

Create Your Own Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes allow you to efficiently clean and disinfect surfaces. DIY sanitizing wipes help in a pinch and let you use what you have at home to achieve a great clean. Here are the seven steps for creating your own sanitizing wipes:
Choose a container: If you’re making more wipes than you need, choose an airtight container to store the leftover ones. You can use a jar, an old wipes container, or a storage container.
Gather paper towels or cloths: You’ll need paper towels or napkins to make the wipes. If you would rather use cloth, you can make the wipes out of microfiber cloths and rewash them after each use.
Place the towels in the container: Separate the paper towels or roll the cloths to place them in your container.
Measure rubbing alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is a strong disinfectant, so you can use it to make sanitizing wipes. Measure out enough to saturate your cloths or paper towels.
Add essential oils: You can add essential oils to create a pleasing scent or add antibacterial qualities.
Saturate the wipes: Saturate the wipes with the alcohol mixture. Once the wipes absorb the liquid, pour extra alcohol into the bottom and seal the container.
Label your container: Ensure you label the container using a piece of tape or a label.

Keep Your Home Clean With Maid Bright

When life is busy, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to clean your home. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is wash the dishes or fold a load of laundry. But keeping your home clean confers many important benefits to you and your family, including health benefits. Luckily, you don’t have to clean your home to have a clean house.
Maid Bright has been cleaning homes and satisfying customers for many years. We specialize in using effective, safe products to transform your home into an oasis for you. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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