November 16, 2020

4 Things Your House Cleaner Wishes You Knew

Whether you’ve had housekeepers care for your home before or it’s your first time, it always helps to prepare. When you know how to prep for your cleaning service, you’ll make your house cleaner’s job much more manageable. They’ll greatly appreciate the help, and your home will be spotless for longer.
Not sure how to get ready for housekeeping services? We’ve outlined a few considerations in this guide to answer the question — how should you prep for a house cleaner? Check out these things your house cleaner wishes you knew before they visit your home.
  1. Natural Cleaners Are Best for Everyone

If you supply cleaning products for your housekeepers or have any requests, know that natural cleaning products are ideal. Green cleaning products often have a lower price tag, meaning you could save money with your cleaning services. Along with benefiting your wallet, natural cleaners also have advantages in these areas.
  • The environment: Green cleaning products limit how many toxic chemicals end up in the air and water. The products you or your housekeepers use in your home can eventually make their way outside through drains or runoff. Natural cleaners won’t pollute the air or water with their biodegradable and nontoxic materials.
  • You and your household members: Whether you’re home as housekeepers take care of things or return later, you don’t want an environment that smells like strong chemicals. Natural cleaners have more pleasant scents or no odor at all. That means you don’t need to open windows to let the chemical smells out.
  • Your house cleaners: Working with harsh chemicals all day can harm your housekeepers’ health. Natural cleaners are less irritating for cleaners’ skin, eyes, and respiratory systems, but it also saves them time as they clean. They won’t need to search for their goggles or gloves. Instead, they can get right to work with their natural cleaners.
  1. Kitchens Require Consistent Cleanups

When you find a house cleaner to help maintain your home, that doesn’t mean you never have to worry about cleaning. Hiring a housekeeper will lighten your load, but you still have to maintain your home and take care of areas a cleaner won’t tackle. Doing light chores will keep your home neat and tidy between housekeeping services.
If you’re wondering how you should prep for a house cleaner, start in the kitchen. You make messes in this room every day, and because of that, it needs consistent cleaning. Grease, crumbs, and grime could build up if you don’t regularly clean the kitchen on your own. Wipe surfaces after eating and cooking to help minimize how messy your kitchen could become. To prepare your kitchen for house cleaning services further, you should take care of these areas and issues.
  • Dishes: It’s not your housekeepers’ responsibility to scrub dishes you leave in the sink or load and unload your dishwasher. Keeping up with those daily tasks will help prevent your house cleaners from having to work around a large mess.
  • Odors: Cooking meals might leave a lingering smell in your kitchen, but so will leftovers and old food. Keep an inventory of items in your fridge and pantry to keep unpleasant odors at bay. House cleaners can’t promise to eliminate questionable smells.
  • Behind heavy objects: Cleaners will clean reachable areas of your stove or fridge, but they won’t move them. Conduct deep cleans of your kitchen by moving the refrigerator, stove, and other heavy objects and cleaning the dust and debris that gets trapped under and behind them.
  1. Keeping Your Home Decluttered Could Save You Money

If preparing for a cleaning service involves decluttering, you could save money. A cluttered home requires more effort to tidy and clean. If you tackle some or all of the clutter before your cleaning team arrives, you could save them time, saving yourself money. You’ll have more leisure to enjoy your clean home when the cleaners have a shorter turnaround time. Prepare for a cleaning service by tackling issues like these.
  • Piles of clothes: Pick up your clothes to avoid creating piles of clean or dirty laundry that cleaners will have to navigate around. Keep dirty clothes in a hamper and put your clean clothes away to eliminate clutter.
  • Clutter on the floor: Items strewn all over your floor are tripping hazards that also make it trickier for housekeepers to do their job. They’ll have to take time navigating around the mess. From there, they’ll either pick up the clutter, which adds time to your services, or be unable to care for your floors.
  • Clutter on surfaces: House cleaners want to make your home clean and comfortable. That’s harder to do if you leave your belongings piled on your desk, dining room table, or other surfaces. Put these items away before the cleaners arrive to save them time and ensure they have full access to those surfaces.
A decluttered home will also save you money in other ways. With no clutter, you’ll have a better sense of what you own. You won’t think an item has gone missing and purchase another, only to find the original later. You’ll also cut down the risk of breaking or damaging possessions in piles of clutter.
  1. If You Have Preferences, Let Us Know

Your house cleaners want to give 100% to every job. You may have specific preferences you expect housekeepers to meet. In that case, be sure to communicate those needs ahead of time. You can do this as you hire or schedule a service, and again once the house cleaners arrive. Politely express concerns or needs like these.
  • Areas not to clean: If you have work set up at your desk and don’t want it disturbed, feel free to let your cleaners know. They’ll avoid those areas, and you can keep everything you want in its place.
  • Areas to focus on: You might use rooms in your home differently from day to day and week to week. As a result, your needs could change between house cleaning services. Alert housekeepers to various areas of concern, so they can focus on those rooms and leave your home spotless.
  • Cleaning products to avoid: Some household members may have allergies or sensitivities to particular cleaning products. In that case, tell your housekeepers. Suggest alternatives or provide them products you like to use.

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