June 22, 2017

Summer Time Pests! Here Are Some Tips

The sun is bright, the trees are green, schools out and the BBQ is going…Welcome to summer! With summer officially here, there are lots of activities going on, family visits being planned and traveling to be done. Everything is somewhat relaxed, except….pesky pests! Some of the more common culprits are ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and spiders. Don’t let them damper the fun on your summer vacation! There are several ways you can avoid pests this summer!
Natural Pest Repellents
Some of the best pest repellents are those found in nature. The most common method to avoid pests is to get your home and yard sprayed, but this can be dangerous for your kids and pets. For mosquitoes and other flies, put out basil, mint, lemongrass and citronella candles. Another trick is to mix one part garlic juice and five parts water and spray on yourself or areas prone to mosquitoes.
Food and Water Control
Ants, flies and mosquitoes are also prevalent in areas of standing water. The attractants such as sugar, food crumbs and water attract theses pests and is harder to get rid of when you have an infestation. During the summer, kitchens are high traffic areas. Sweep up crumbs and close any food tightly to avoid a bigger problem. Keep hoses off and dry off any standing water.
Clean House, Less Pests
Another essential part of keeping pests away is to have a clean house, particularly the kitchen and bathrooms. Keeping your home dust-free and clean of food crumbs will inhibit a pest infestation from becoming much worse. If you are tight on time, enlist the help of your local cleaning company for the summer months to help keep pests at bay.
Taking small measures to keep your home pest free this summer will enable you and your family to enjoy the summer months, worry free!

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