June 13, 2019

Spring Cleaning Guide: How to Clean Your Kid's Bedroom

It’s spring, and you know what that means, time for spring cleaning! This spring get your children involved when cleaning your kid’s bedroom. Teaching them these habits today will make a huge difference tomorrow.
Keep reading for more spring cleaning and organizing tips and tricks.

Kid’s Bedroom Cleaning Tips Your Kids Can Handle

Once your child learns how to properly clean their room, this will save everyone time while creating a clean space everyone is happy to spend time in. Clean rooms also create an environment that’s easier to focus on homework.
Here are eight tips for cleaning and organizing your kid’s bedroom, that even your young ones can handle.

1. Put Away All Clothes

Any clothes that are thrown around the room should be either hung up if they can be worn again, or put in the hamper if they are dirty. During this process, you might even encourage your children to donate or toss anything clothing items that no longer fit or are damaged.

2. Make The Bed

If the sheets aren’t clean, strip the bed and put the dirty linens in the laundry. If the sheets are clean, make the bed. Encourage your children to make their bed the first thing in the morning after they wake-up.

3. Clear The Clutter

Any clutter in the room such as dirty dishes, books, toys, or video game controllers, should go back where they belong. If there isn’t a permanent spot for something, make one. Any toys that are dirty should go in a neat pile to get cleaned later.

4. Clean All the Surfaces

All you need is a little warm water and some dish soap on a cloth, and use this to wipe down any surfaces. You also can use cleaning wipes. Be sure to get window sills, bookshelves, the computer, doorknobs, and really anywhere that collects dust.
For glass areas, use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel. This includes bedroom mirrors and windows. Coffee filters and newspapers are also great streak free solutions for cleaning glass surfaces.

5. Vacuum

Vacuum the carpet and any furniture items with crumbs. Try to make it a habit to vacuum at least once a month.

6. The Floor

You want to save cleaning the floor for last because it gets dirty when you’re moving everything around. First be sure to pick up any small items on the ground like coins, or other small things that could easily get vacuumed up.
If the floor is carpeting, vacuum. If the floor is vinyl or hardwood then sweep with a broom or dustpan. Then use a mop or a towel that’s in a cleaning bucket to clean up any dirt that’s stuck on.
Try to clean up a little bit every day so there’s less work to do when you really have to clean. Every day your kids can put away clutter, wipe down surfaces, put away their clothes, and make the bed.

7. Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning seems like such a daunting task, there are ways that you can make cleaning fun for your kids. Here are some ideas.


Whistle while you work, right? Cleaning is always more fun with the right soundtrack. If your kids are cleaning with others, have a dance battle while you clean!


Make throwing away trash or laundry in the hamper into a game. Add some hoops over the baskets and try your best shot. Just don’t throw anything that’s breakable around.

Take A Break

Take a well-deserved break when the time is right. After a big task is finished let your kids get a snack, do some jumping jacks, or play a quick video game.

Mop Socks

The most fun way to clean a wooden or vinyl floor is with some mop socks. Put a cleaning solution on the floor, have your kids throw on a pair of clean or fluffy socks, and slip and slide away! Know the socks will get dirty, so be ready to toss them after.

Hidden Gems

Hide some small prizes in the room like dollar bills, or snacks. Now cleaning is also a scavenger hunt, and your kid is rewarded for deep cleaning.

8. Get Your Kids Excited To Clean

While games are fun, it’s also important that your kids understand why they’re cleaning. It can be hard at times to motivate your kids to clean their room. All you need is the right tools and incentives to help your kids understand why cleaning is so important.
Here are some things you might want to try discussing with your kid that will help them understand better.

Explain Why Cleaning Is Key

Let your children really know why cleaning the house is an important family duty. If they take responsibility for their own room and have pride in their space, then everyone else in the house is happier. If your child is too young to understand, then you may need incentives.


A lot of parents will connect weekly chores with an allowance. This doesn’t always have to be monetary, you can also develop a point system that lets your kids redeem a privilege or prize. This could be something your kid values like more screen time.

Plan & Mark Progress

Make a chore chart or download one online so your children can mark it off when they complete their chores. You might want to use stickers, which younger kids really enjoy. Be sure to remind your kids of their daily tasks and soon these will become good habits.

Have A Cleaning Bucket

Put all the cleaning supplies in a bucket and put that in a spot near your kid’s room that’s easy for them to access. This way they can start cleaning easily without hunting down all of the supplies.

Start Spring Cleaning Today!

Now that you know how to clean your kid’s bedroom, the key is getting them involved! Start your spring cleaning today! Cleaning can be fun, and the more you do today, the less you’ll have to do tomorrow.
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