February 22, 2018

Safeguarding Your Family And Household Against Viruses

With the recent flu outbreak and subsequent deaths across the nation, it is imperative that households take precaution against these viruses. There are some ways that families can try to avoid viruses by getting their homes ready.
  • Flu Shots – If you haven’t already done so, have your family vaccinated with the flu vaccine. Although the flu vaccine does not protect against all strains, it can lessen the duration of the flu if you get it.
  • Practice good hand washing – Hand washing is also a good way to protect against germs. Touching different surfaces throughout the day can leave you vulnerable to viruses or illnesses. Hand washing is the first defense against any illness.
  • Sanitizing your home – Frequently wiping door handles, surfaces and often-touched places will also safeguard against viruses. You can make your own disinfecting spray by combining one part water and one part rubbing alcohol or use a store bought option.
  • Washing Bedding – Weekly washing of bed linens is crucial especially after a virus has gone through your home. Linens accumulate dead skin cells, makeup and drool! Make sure to wash the linens on hot and dry them on the hot cycle to get rid of any lurking viruses.
  • Ditch the shoes – Do you like to put your feet up on the coffee table after a long day? Well, you could be contaminating those surfaces along with any flooring and rug with potentially harmful bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli. Change into house slippers when you get home. Your feet and house will thank you!
The winter months and early spring can be tough because of colds, flu and allergies, but safeguarding against them can be simple if done early. Weekly checklists can ensure that you are cleaning areas in your home that are bacteria and virus harbors.

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