June 28, 2021

How to Remove Stains From Wood Furniture and Floors

Over time, your furniture and floors are bound to end up with a few signs of being used often and loved well, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with blemishes like dark water stains. With a little time and the right products, you can restore anything from the hardwood floor in your kitchen to an heirloom dining room table.
Here at Maid Bright, we’re experts in keeping homes at their best, and that includes offering our expertise on making your house and everything in it look beautiful. Read on if you’re looking for guidance on how to clean stained wood.

Types of Water Stains You Might See on Wood

The most common stains on wood furniture and floors come from water. Water stains on wood are typically either white or black.
White stains are the less extreme of the two. Seeing a white stain means the water has only seeped into the wood’s wax or polyurethane finish. This type of stain is easily fixed using mineral or vegetable oil and a soft cloth. Toothpaste is another common tool for white stains.
Dark water stains are a bit more serious. When a water stain becomes dark, it means that the water has penetrated the wax or polyurethane finish and seeped into the wood as well. Because dark water stains run deeper than white ones, they’ll take a little more work to get out.

How to Remove Dark Water Stains From Wood

Since dark water stains go below the wood’s surface, you’ll need a more aggressive strategy to fix them. You’ll also need a few tools:
  • A dust mask
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain/finish
  • Rags or washcloths
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Wood bleach
When you’re ready and the surrounding area is clear, it’s time to begin the stain removal process:
  1. Start by putting on your mask and sanding away the wood’s finish.
  2. Once the stain is exposed, rub hydrogen peroxide over it.
  3. When the spot is saturated, cover it with a rag soaked in hydrogen peroxide and leave it overnight.
  4. Remove the rag and allow the wood to dry completely.
  5. Sand the wood again lightly.
If any of the stains remain, you can try using hydrogen peroxide again or use wood bleach for a more aggressive approach. Use the same process until the stain is gone, then re-stain and refinish the area.

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