October 19, 2020

Recurring Cleaning vs. One-Time Deep Cleaning

If you’re considering cleaning services for your home, you’re on your way to adding convenience to your life. You’ll have a tidy and disinfected home, all without cutting into your precious free time to do so. But as you look into housekeeping services, you may notice you have various options to consider.
Possible services that stand out are recurring cleaning and one-time deep cleaning. So which should you choose? That’ll depend on your home, your schedule, and your needs. Decide which cleaning services will work for you by comparing the two below!

What Is a Deep House Cleaning?

Though all cleaning involves dusting and wiping down surfaces, a deep clean goes beyond these tasks. When you select deep house cleaning services, professionals tidy and disinfect your home from top to bottom. They’ll remove grime, dust, and dirt that you’d miss with routine cleaning. From your ceilings to floors and everything between, it all becomes spotless with a one-time deep cleaning. Areas large and small that professionals may clean during a deep house clean include:
  • Between and behind appliances
  • Ceilings
  • Baseboards
  • Windows
  • Faucets and taps
  • Tiles and tile grout

What Is a Recurring Cleaning?

With a routine clean, professionals will take care of high-traffic areas, highly used surfaces, common touchpoints, and other spots of your home. Recurring cleaning keeps your home from becoming overwhelmingly unorganized or dirty. You also have the flexibility to determine when maid services visit your home to take care of it, including these options.
  • Weekly: Professionals come clean your home once a week, ideal for anyone with a busy schedule and hectic home life.
  • Biweekly: Receive cleaning services every other week, or about twice a month, with this schedule.
  • Monthly: If you have time to spot clean, but still need help maintaining a tidy house, consider monthly recurring cleaning.

Pros to a Deep-Cleaned Home

If you want a spotless place to come home to, consider a deep house clean. The pros of this service include the following.

Save Time

Perhaps you’re considering deep house cleaning services to prepare your home for a holiday or gathering. In that case, you’ll already have a lot on your plate, so why add cleaning to your to-do list? Hire professionals to deep clean your house and focus on other planning details.
Even if you aren’t preparing for a get-together, a one-time deep clean still saves you time. Your home will be spotless with a deep clean, making spot cleaning easier. You won’t have to spend time scouring and dusting surfaces all over your home. Instead, you’ll only need to touch up commonly used areas.

Get a Cleaning Service When You Need It Most

Many homeowners and apartment dwellers select a deep cleaning service in times of need. Perhaps they are in mourning, are sick, or are expecting a newcomer to the family. No matter the situation, a one-time clean takes away the stress of worrying about maintaining your home and allows you more time to focus on life’s other responsibilities.
### Live in a Healthy Home
Professional cleaners will be meticulous during a one-time deep cleaning. They’ll take care of dust, dirt, mildew, and other grime that could’ve posed a health hazard to your family. That means a deep clean can make your home healthier, from disinfected surfaces to better air quality.
A cleaner space is also better for your mental health. Living in a dirty or untidy home can be stressful. Instead, you’ll come home to an orderly, disinfected space and feel relaxed.

Cons to One-Time Deep Cleans

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. Some homeowners may want other professional house cleaning options because a one-time clean might come with these drawbacks.

Lacks a Routine Clean

Recurring cleanings give your home a sense of schedule. It’ll be consistently clean to help eliminate stress and provide a constant state of tidiness. When you select a one-time clean, you don’t get that consistency. While your home will be spotless, it’ll eventually become untidy or dirty again as you go about your daily life.
One of the best tips for deep cleaning your house is to combine it with spot cleaning. Professionals will tidy and disinfect your home, but it’s up to you to maintain the cleanliness. Create a schedule to spot clean your home once a week or every other week as needed. That’ll help balance a routine with the deep house cleaning services.

Can Be Time-Consuming

As you can imagine, it will take a while to deep clean your home. Even a team of professionals needs a lot of time to ensure they clean your house adequately. Some homeowners may have to sacrifice a large part of their day to letting cleaners take care of their homes. While the results will be worth the time, you might think of it as a slight inconvenience.
Many homeowners use this opportunity to head out and run errands if the cleaning company doesn’t require them to be there. They may also schedule a one-time cleaning service when they’re at work. If you do that, you won’t miss out on time at home. You’ll return from work or shopping to a spotless dwelling.

Lacks the Chance to Build Trust

Inviting reputable cleaners into your home for a one-time service means you may not see them again. While a reputable cleaning company will only hire and send prompt, professional individuals to your home, you’ll still want to get to know them. That isn’t easy during a deep clean, since they’ll be focusing on your home. Their attention to detail might be a positive attribute, but it does hinder your chance to build trust.
Even if you receive cleaning services a few times throughout the year, you may not get the same professionals who cleaned your home the first time. And if you do, so much time may have passed that it’s challenging to develop a relationship or rapport with them.

Pros to Recurring Cleaning Services

To determine which housekeeping service is for you, consider the pros of the routine option, as well. Homeowners appreciate a recurring cleaning service for reasons like these.
### Get a Flexible Clean
When you pick recurring cleaning services, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the same schedule. Perhaps your needs change, or you have to accommodate additions to your routine. Contact the maid service and let them know of your adjustments. Cancel your service for the week, or select special add-ons that help you prepare for gatherings and various occasions.

Live in a Consistently Cleaned House

If you only clean your house sporadically, you know it can lead to stressful situations. Some weeks, your home is spotless, and others, it’s a bit chaotic. That inconsistency can cause stress and confusion as you struggle to find misplaced items in the clutter. When you select scheduled cleaning services, you create a home that’s always tidy. No more yo-yoing between a clean and dirty home. You’ll be ready for unexpected guests or to relax after a long day.

Develop Trust for the Cleaners

Request the same team from your cleaning company to establish a rapport with the professionals who take care of your home. Whether they come every month, every other week, or every week, you’ll get to know them over time. That will let you build trust and a reliable relationship, and you’ll feel comfortable having them come to your home.

Cons to Recurring Home Cleanings

Again, the pros come with cons. The potential disadvantages of recurring cleaning versus one-time deep cleaning involve these concerns.

Adjust to How Someone Else Cleans

For some homeowners, recurring cleaning services involve compromise. You might use specific techniques to take care of your home. When you invite professionals to do the job, they may not do all the chores the same way you would. While you can trust their expertise, part of you might want to take control of the situation.
Sometimes, you can adjust to the changes and rest assured that professionals will treat your house with care. But if you are particular about how your cleaning company looks after given areas of your home, reach out to them. They’ll listen to your concerns and adjust their process accordingly.

Communicate With Cleaning Staff

Perhaps you aren’t picky about how your cleaning team goes about their tasks. But maybe you have concerns about or sensitivities to the products professionals use. You’ll need to communicate those possible issues with the cleaning staff or the company. That could be a challenge for busy homeowners or anyone who leaves the house during the cleaning process. But it’s an essential step of the process that will get you the specific services you need.

Budget for Recurring Cleanings

The cost of returning cleaning services varies with your home’s square footage and your needs, but you’ll still have to consider how maid services fit into your budget. Budgeting for cleanings will take a bit of time and compromising, but it’s an essential part of hiring professionals to maintain your home.
As you’re budgeting, you’ll not only want to ask, “How much does a home deep cleaning cost?” but also how much a recurring service costs. That’ll help you compare the two services for your budget. Of course, a returning service will cost more over time, but it will all depend on your home.
The price of a recurring cleaning is worth it for many homeowners, but you may need to sort out your budget before hiring professionals. Compromise or select a biweekly or monthly service to meet your needs. You could also consider partial recurring cleanings where professionals take care of high-use areas, like the kitchen and bathrooms. You can then handle the rest of your house and save your budget.

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At Maid Bright, we have a schedule that works for everyone, no matter your needs. Select our one-time or recurring services, or consider our other cleaning options to find what you need for your house. No matter your choice, we’ll provide a free in-home estimate and tell you how much our services will cost based on your space and your needs. From there, we’ll handle the rest. Tackle your to-do list and rest assured that your home is in good hands with Maid Bright!
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