August 17, 2019

Meet Yusuf Mehmetoglu: Quality, Culture and Marketing Success

Meet Yusuf Mehmetoglu of Maid Bright in Herndon, VA ( In business since 2004. An ARCSI, a Division of ISSA member since 2009, with 50 teams of two people (121 full-time employees) and 50 branded vehicles.
Q) You’ve been managing a successful residential cleaning services company for 15 years and have become well known throughout the industry as a savvy marketer. Can you tell us about how you market your company?
A) Invest in your current clientele! Your company’s quality, professionalism, and reputation speak for themselves. Customers are likely to refer your services to friends and neighbors when you keep your quality consistent and offer them incentives to make referrals. For successful referrals, we reward current clients with $30 discounts off their next cleaning.
Make sure you have a superb website that users can navigate with ease, and establish an excellent web presence that includes social media and great reviews on Google, Washington Consumer’s Checkbook, Yelp and other local neighborhood websites. We respond promptly to every review and comment and we try to turn negative remarks into positive experiences through our responses and by fixing any valid issues that might be raised.
Invest in other marketing channels that are appropriate for the size and location of your business. What works in our region and for our business may not work as well in other regions or for other companies. At Maid Bright, we regularly invest in online advertising using Google PPC, Angie’s List, and Best Pick Report, and we have a fleet of branded company vehicles that give us excellent exposure.
Q) How do charitable initiatives contribute to your marketing success?
A) Giving back to our communities and those less fortunate has always been part of our culture. It makes employees feel good about themselves and the business. Plus, getting involved with your local chamber of commerce and other community organizations allows your business to be widely recognized, and vice versa, you can help promote their initiatives through your company website. A potential customer is more likely to use your service if they know they are also contributing to a charitable effort, especially if it’s one they personally support.
Q) What new and emerging challenges are your marketing plans facing these days? Why?
A) Technology is ever evolving, and utilizing the right technologies is a challenge and an opportunity. Today’s app-savvy consumers want on-demand service, and sometimes it is difficult to provide fast service while preserving high quality. Another challenge is to constantly manage our website and content to make sure we are on board with what is happening in our industry.
Q) What new and emerging opportunities are your marketing plans facing these days? Why?
A) Again, technology is both a challenge and an opportunity. If you embrace the challenges without sacrificing your quality and professionalism, it can lead to great opportunities. For example, social media offers a great way to reach the young professionals who will become the biggest users of our services in the next five to 10 years. Curating the right content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can be challenging, but it’s worth the time because it’s what most consumers want to see.
Q) Has anything become easier over the years? Why?
A) Generating leads and sales, and retaining employees have become easier, because our marketing efforts are very targeted, and we have stuck with what works while always exploring other options. Secondly, we have become an established and reputable business, which instills trust in current and potential clients. Thirdly, we are able to retain employees because of our great company culture and employee benefits.
Q) How has being a member of ARCSI, a Division of ISSA contributed to your success?
A) ARCSI/ISSA allows us to stay current with our industry. It also helps me meet other business owners and share best practices — what is working and what isn’t. The annual show also helps us to find new vendors for supplies and services that we need. ARCSI is a valuable organization, especially for those just starting cleaning businesses.
Q) What advice would you offer to other ARCSI, a Division of ISSA members for marketing their services?
A) Your employees are your greatest asset! Strive to build a company where employees feel appreciated. We have a strong, team-based company culture that fosters employee participation at all levels. This reflects positively on employee retention and customer satisfaction. When employees are happy and proud to work for you, they deliver great service. When customers experience great service, they are happy. When customers are happy, they stick with you and they recommend your company to others.
Every member of our team is important. We get all team members and office staff together once a week for ongoing training, to review the past week, and talk about how we can do better for our customers. We also honor some of our team members during our weekly meetings.

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