December 13, 2016

Making a List, Checking it Twice...

It’s certainly that time of year again! The holidays have approached and that only means one thing, well sort of. It means it’s time to go over your holiday cleaning checklist for your home! This time of year can get chaotic with family and out of town guests, especially if you are hosting for the holidays! So, get out your notepad and pencil and let’s get started.
Holiday Cleaning Checklist:
With guests in town, your house must be in great shape from top to bottom. The guest rooms are especially important, so that your family and guests feel comfortable.
  1. Bedrooms: All bedrooms should be dusted, vacuumed and mopped if there is no carpet. Linens should be washed and changed. It might be fun to use festive holiday linens.
  2. Bathrooms: The toilet and shower should be scrubbed and free of dust, soap residue, hair and mildew. This is also an opportunity to stock the guest bathrooms with essential toiletries, extra toilet paper and clean bath towels/robes. You can use sachets of lavender or rose in the linen closet to keep everything smelling fresh.
  3. Living and Dining Rooms: The living and dining areas should also be deep cleaned as these areas might get heavy use during the holidays and are often ignored during the year because of light use. All light fixtures, drapes and furniture should be free of dust and pet odors. It m
    ight be a good idea to wash the upholstery before any guests arrive.
  4. Flatware, Glassware and Fine China: These items should be cleaned and polished along with table cloths and cloth napkins. Clean any water stains and get everything looking new.
  5. Kitchen: Appliances should all be cleaned before hosting a holiday party, especially the refrigerator. The refrigerator can form odors from leftover food and beverages, so it is best to get rid of spoiled items. Furthermore, it might be a good idea to stock your pantry with favorite items for your guests.
  6. Entryway: When guests start arriving, the entryway might become a muddy mess, so to avoid this have a large mat your guests can wipe their shoes/boots on. Also, you can hand them an old rag to wipe off any excess.
The holidays are a busy time of year and cleaning your house can be an overwhelming task, but worth the praise from your family and guests. If you are able to, this might be a great opportunity to enlist in the help of a professional cleaning company. Drop the *Hint* to your significant other 😉
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Maid Bright!

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