February 13, 2020

Make it a Green Valentine

Green is the new red! Valentine’s is a holiday of love that many people want to do something special for their significant other and loved ones. While the traditional chocolates and flowers are sweet, there are other sustainable and green options to surprise and gift your sweetheart!

No Reservations, No Problem

Most restaurants are completely booked for this love holiday but don’t fret. A greener option is to buy local and organic and cook dinner at home. You can buy produce that is in season and cook with your love. Not only is this romantic, but it will also be a fun, memorable experience. You can even make your own sweet treats at home!

Make your Own Cards

Younger children still have a Valentine’s Day card and treat exchange at school. To reduce waste, you can use old paper bags with pictures from magazines. Each card will be unique and a great way to spend time with your kids. The recipient of the card will have a personalized card just for them.

Invest in Some Green

Want to give a gift that keeps on growing? Gift your sweetheart with a potted plant instead of cut roses or flowers that only last a week. They can enjoy the plant longer and it will also green their home environment. If they love to cook, you can buy them potted herbs that they can use year-round.

Thoughtful Gifts

Traditional gifts like jewelry can cost a lot especially after such a busy holiday season. Unique gifts that take thought are usually saved and create memories. Paint your loved one a painting they can cherish forever or love notes they can read for years to come. Another sweet idea is to make a traditional picture album of the two of you over the years. Most people save photos on their phones, but having a print album is something special they can always look at.
While Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, it can result in a lot of unnecessary waste. Traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day encourage an increase in your carbon footprint and unnecessary expenses. A little thought and creativity can set a new trend in your relationship and also help the environment!

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