April 08, 2020

Keeping Your Laundry Machine Clean and Fresh

We depend on our laundry machines to keep our clothes clean and fresh. Have you ever noticed a sour smell while folding your clothes? The culprit could be your front- loading washer and the bacteria or mold that is growing inside. It’s more important than ever to keep up with the laundry while we have the extra time these days.
Front-loading washers are water efficient and easier on your clothes than top loading machines with as clothes can move more freely about the machine. The whole drum does not need to fill up with water. But, these front- loading washers require extra TLC to stay clean.

Why do my clothes stink?

There are several reasons that your clothes may come out stinky after being washed. The first problem could be your detergent and the amount you are using. We are accustomed to using more detergent than necessary to get a load of laundry clean. Follow the directions on bottle to how much you should use. When you use more laundry detergent than necessary, it is not washed away and can build up on the clothes and inside of the machine along with dead skin cells from your clothes. Use laundry detergent that is specific for high efficiency washers.
The second problem with front-loading machines is that most people shut the door after they are done and do not allow the machine to dry out. This causes the rubber gasket inside of the door to stay moist and grow bacteria.

How Do I Fix This Problem?

  1. When you do laundry, don’t overfill the drum with clothes.
  2. To clean the drum of your machine, mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 water and 2 cups of vinegar and pour inside of the drum of your washer. Run the normal cycle with the hottest water possible. This combination will allow the drum to get clean of the detergent scum.
  3. After you wash the drum, wipe the rubber gasket with the same solution. Use some elbow grease to really scrub the rubber gasket. You will surprised with the amount of soap scum and mildew you remove.
  4. Finally, once a month clean the drain trap filter and remove any lint build up.
  5. To keep your washer drum dry, leave the door ajar and detergent drawer open after each use.
With your washer clean and dry, your clothes will come out cleaner and smell clean after each load. Make sure to keep up regularly with the cleanliness of your washer. Let Maid Bright looking and smelling clean with regular cleaning services weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! Our team of experts takes care of all the details, so you can enjoy a clean house while focusing on the things that matter most. Get an estimate today.

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