July 15, 2020

How to Clean Air pods, Earbuds, Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Air Pods and earbuds have replaced the outdated headphones. While these gadgets are the coolest new tech invention, they can get very dirty, very fast. A couple of weeks ago, my son’s Air Pods were lying around in the kitchen and they were so gross! They had a build-up of earwax stuck on them. Earwax is a compilation of dirt, dead skin cells, oil and sweat. It is our body’s mechanism to prevent bacteria from entering our inner ears. Over time, earwax build-up can affect the sound quality of your device.
First and most importantly, you cannot under any circumstance wash the air pods or get liquid into them. This will most likely damage the device and alter its function.
  1. Start with the air pod case. Use a soft cloth(lint-free) and 70% alcohol to wipe the case of any earwax and grime. Next, use a cotton swab to wipe any area you cannot get into with the cloth.
  2. Next, use another cotton swab with alcohol and loosen the wax on the air pods themselves. You can also use a toothpick to get into the crevices to clean off any stuck- on wax. Be careful with the mesh on the air pods, you could poke through them if you are too aggressive.
  3. Lastly, you can use a small toothbrush to brush away any other debris or residue.
  4. These methods can work for other types of earbuds or hearing aids. One other way to clean off stubborn earwax from air pods is to use Bluetack putty. Since this is a dry putty, it will be safer to use on sensitive devices.
Regular cleaning of these devices will make them last longer while preserving the sound quality of these devices. Remember also that you need to be sensitive cleaning Bluetooth earbuds, hearing aids and air pods to avoid damaging them.
While we don’t clean these sorts of devices, Maid Bright specializes in residential cleaning to get your home sparkling clean!
Picture credit – SoundGuys.com

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