March 09, 2021

How Often Should I Scrub My Floors?

You enter and exit your home several times each day. Whether you are heading to work, the grocery store, or out for a jog, it’s important to consider what you’re tracking inside the door. Mud, dirt, and bacteria are common guests you want to keep outside.
Deciding on a cleaning schedule depends on your routine and how many people you have living in your residential space. However, you can follow some general rules to ensure your family can enjoy a clean home.
Washing the floors should make your to-do list at least once each week.

Why Make Time to Wash Floors?

Household floors collect dust, dead skin cells, and other contaminants. The need for routine cleaning becomes more prominent if you have young children and pets who spend a great deal of time on wood and tile floors.
Setting a schedule for yourself to wash floors is a great way to maintain a hygienic lifestyle, as you can attend to spills, crumbs, and more. You can reduce the spread of viruses, fungi, allergens, and other microorganisms by washing your floors.

Best Methods for Washing Floors

Your approach to washing floors will look different based on surface materials and how often you visit certain rooms. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bucket and a Swiffer or wet mop to use weekly. Hot water from the sink is appropriate for nearly all surfaces like hardwoods, laminates, ceramic tiles, and more.
You can lift grime easier by adding a liquid cleaner to the bucket, but make sure the ingredients are rated safe for your flooring materials. Some indoor surfaces consisting of stone are porous, so reading product labels is vital for desirable results. Follow the general steps below to keep floors looking their best:
  1. Run a vacuum over the given surface. You may need to use a canister vacuum for sensitive floors such as hardwood so you don’t scratch them.
  2. Collect any crumbs left behind with a dustpan and broom.
  3. Fill your cleaning bucket with warm water.
  4. Add in the cleaning agent of your choice, following label recommendations.
  5. Dip your wet mop in the bucket and wring out excess water. Microfiber mop heads are great to wash floors, they don’t need as much water as traditional mop heads.
  6. Spread the liquid solution from the top of the room and work backward toward the door.
  7. Use back-and-forth movements to lift dirt near walls, moving toward the center of the room.
  8. Rinse the wet mop every few strokes by submerging it in the bucket.
  9. Change out the warm water and liquid cleaner as needed to limit the spread of dirt.
  10. Once the cleaning is complete, repeat the process using just warm water as a final rinse.

How Often Should I Mop the Kitchen?

How often should you mop your kitchen floors, bathrooms, and bedrooms? You know your home better than anyone else. The general rule of once per week applies to most homes, but in some situations, you can take this recommendation with a grain of salt.
If certain parts of your house go unused for long periods, you might wet mop every other week or once per month. Vacuuming or gliding over surfaces with a dry microfiber pad or Swiffer dry cloths are a great way to keep them clean between in-depth cleaning sessions. You and your loved ones can further reduce the spread of dirt and germs by removing your shoes before entering the home.

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