August 01, 2019

Fall Cleaning Guide: 10 Steps For Cleaning Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean for Fall

With the change of season and summer officially coming to an end, it’s time to tackle fall cleaning. One reason it is important to do a deep cleaning every season is because it helps you get ready for what each season brings.
Many kids are headed back to school, parents are off to work so that means more of a hectic schedule. If your home is clean and organized, it will be easier to prepare for the coming year and challenges. In the month of September, we will be tackling each room of the house to make seasonal cleaning a breeze.
  1. Appliances

In your kitchen it is a good idea to thoroughly clean all of the appliances in your home. These include:
  1. Pantry

Clean and organize the pantry so you have your essential ingredients for fall time menu preparation. An organized pantry will make breakfast and dinner time easier as you can easily see what you have to prepare meals.
Purge any old, expired foods and spices. Wipe down the shelves or shelf liners with soap and water. Use clear bins and glass jars to see your pantry items and label them. See our Fall Products list for some items we love!
  1. Trash cans/Recycling Bins

Indoor trash receptacles will get more use now that fall is here and you will be using the kitchen more. While taking the trash out in a timely manner will prevent odors, sometimes the odors can linger. Thoroughly wash trashcans and sprinkle the bottom with baking soda to absorb any odors. See our guide on how to wash your trash bins.
  1. Cupboards/Cabinets/Drawers

Seasonal cleaning is a good time to empty the kitchen cabinets and clean inside and outside of them. Cleaning the inside of cupboards can also encourage you to donate unused items or replace broken items. Wipe down the inside and outside of cabinets and knobs to get rid of any fingerprint or stains.
  1. Backsplash and Countertops

When deep cleaning the kitchen, it is beneficial to clean the backsplash especially the grout between the tiles. Oil and splattered food may be stuck on these tiles or grout creating an unwanted appearance.
The countertops should be disinfected and wiped clean. While cleaning the countertops, make sure to life any décor or items and clean underneath. This is a good time to organize the countertops and rid them of clutter. There are special marble and granite cleaners that will polish these surfaces and give them the appearance that they are brand new.
  1. Baseboards and Floors

Dust the baseboards and wipe clean with a cleaning agent of your choice. There are great dusters for baseboards that are easy to use and clean thoroughly. Vacuum and mop the floors. If you have any area rugs, it might be a good idea to get them cleaned or wash them with a carpet cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. Windows

Wipe down the windowsills and use a glass cleaner of your choice with tracing paper or newspapers to wipe the windows from the inside. The tracing paper or newspaper will help you avoid streaks. Take down and wash the window screens and store them away for the warmer weather.
You can also get your windows power washed from the outside to allow the bright light to penetrate the indoors. Window treatments can also be washed or dry cleaned for the new season. See our guide for cleaning window treatments.
  1. Lighting fixtures

Kitchens are usually equipped with pendant lighting or chandeliers. Over time, these lighting fixtures can accumulate dust and the light bulbs will burn out. This time of year is also a great time to wipe these items down and replace any light bulbs. This task can be done with the family’s help and a good way to enlist their help.
  1. Decor/Furniture

Dust off any decorative items and wipe down, if necessary. Any upholstered furniture should be cleaned or washed if machine washable. Kitchen tables should be polished with a wood polish if necessary to preserve the shine.
  1. Sink

The sink gets a lot of use in the kitchen. We wash the dishes, thaw meat and wash our produce. It is necessary to wash and disinfect the sink to avoid cross contamination of germs and bacteria.
These ten steps will ensure that you have a super clean kitchen for the coming months. After doing this one time, maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen will be much easier and less time consuming. Maid Bright is here to help in case you want a professional deep cleaning of your kitchen!

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