October 29, 2019

Cleaning Habits to Break Now

You love to clean and often do it yourself, and have a routine in place that works for your household! Great! But, did you know that you could be doing more harm to yourself and home with bad cleaning habits? It is more common than you think, and most people are guilty of these common bad cleaning habits.

Paper Towel Piles

Do you often use rolls of paper towels to clean with? Cleaning a spill here and there or to wipe something up occasionally is no big deal, but cleaning your house from top to bottom with a roll (or sometimes more) can add up. It increases waste and money spent. Try using microfiber cloths to clean your home whether it be dusting, wiping or mopping.

Too Much Cleaning Product

The more the merrier, right? Wrong!!! This is one of the more common cleaning habits that most people usually have. The premise behind it is that the more cleaning product equals the cleaner something is. In reality, when you use more cleaning products, you end up having more residue that needs to be washed off.

Using Bleach Products for Cleaning

Bleaching and bleach products are for disinfecting or whitening. If you use conventional cleaning products, bleach is fine for disinfecting, but it will not get rid of any accumulated dirt or grime. Plus, bleach is a stronger disinfectant that is more harmful. There are more natural disinfectants you can buy or make yourself.


Is your home free of dirt and grime, but doesn’t look clean? This is mainly because of cluttered surfaces. Empty your countertops and surfaces of any unused items and display needed items only. Have a designated spot for mail and any other accumulated papers, bills, and magazines.

Dusting Last

Always do the dusting before vacuuming, so that you are not letting the dust move around after vacuuming. It is always a good idea to clean from top to bottom. Also, if your cleaning cloth accumulates more dust than usual, use a different one for a different area so that you are not pushing around the dust.

Leaving Wet Towels

If your towels or hampers start to have a lingering odor, it is because they were left wet and bunched up. It is very hard to get rid of this musty odor. After a shower, hang your towels to dry and wash them every couple of days. Leaving wet towels on the bathroom floor also encourages mold and mildew growth.

Cleaning with Dirty Tools

Make sure your cleaning products are clean and working before you start the cleaning. If your vacuum is full of dirt and dust, it will not work properly to clean your surfaces. Clean your tools after each cleaning and periodically replace them so that you are not pushing around soil and bacteria.

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