June 23, 2022

How to Clean Your Oven

Cooking in your oven produces oils, which layer onto oven racks over time. Cleaning a dirty oven prevents smoke from building in your oven. Learn how to clean your oven in a safe kitchen environment with Maid Bright.

Cleaning Solution Options

Time and patience are the keys to oven rack cleaning. Large rack sizes and an abundance of metal grooves provide unique cleaning requirements. For damage-free, clean results, try different methods and take your time.
These cleaning options produce that like-new sparkle:
  • Dryer sheets: Lay down dryer sheets in a giant bin or bathtub. Add the oven racks and pour dish soap on top. Fill the container with hot water and wait overnight. Take the dryer sheets out and wipe the shelves dry.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: For an environmentally friendly method, sprinkle baking soda over dry oven racks in a large container. After letting that sit, pour some distilled white vinegar over the metal. Add hot water when the mixture starts to sizzle and let it sit overnight. Scrub the racks clean.
  • Tin foil and dishwasher tablets: Wrap your oven racks in tinfoil. Place them in a large container with hot water and a couple of dishwater tablets. Remove the tinfoil after about two hours and wipe them clean.
  • Steel wool: Set the racks in hot water with any chemical or cleaning product. Let it soak overnight. Scrub the shelves clean with steel wool and remove grease easily!

Schedule Your Oven Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your oven racks every three to six months. Doing this keeps food smoke-free and safe for consumption. Waiting longer to clean your oven builds grease that’s not as easy to clean.
Cleaning oven racks yourself might not fit your family’s lifestyle and schedule. You may not have the time, space, or tools to handle a cleaning project that often. Hiring professionals with premium treatments saves you time and effort. Feel at peace with immaculate oven racks cleaned using safe products.
Maid Bright provides top-notch cleaning services to households in the DC Metro area. Call 888-624-3274 or request an in-home estimate to schedule your housekeeping services. Remedy your dirty oven today!

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