November 30, 2018

Clean Your Home Like a Pro!

While enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service can be helpful, it won’t solve your problems when they don’t come everyday. The lingering number of areas to clean can get overwhelming if regular maintenance is not kept.
  1. Plan Ahead – Make a checklist of the items and which day you will do them. Mondays can be for dusting, Tuesday for Bathrooms, Wednesday for the kitchen, etc.
  2. Make the beds everyday – This goes a long way in how your bedroom looks. It gives the look of clean without having to do much. The room instantly looks put together.
  3. Top to Bottom – Cleaning from top to bottom and from left to right is a general rule of cleaning that professionals use because of gravity. Start with the tops of cabinets, surface of cabinets, counter-tops and finally baseboards. Vacuum after dusting so that you are not cleaning all the crumbs that fell after dusting again.
  4. Clean toilets/showers/tubs weekly – Designate a day where you scrub down toilet bowls, tubs and showers so that soap scum, mildew and grime do not get a chance to build up. Also, it is worthwhile to use a toilet bowl tablet so that rings do not form.
  5. Be Prepared – Carry all of the supplies and necessary items in a caddy from room to room. That way you will not waste time running to gather cleaning supplies.
  6. Let the Products Work – The cleaning products you use need to do their job. They will not fulfill what they claim to do if you do not give them time to do their job. Spray the surfaces with the cleaner, and move onto something else.

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