May 04, 2022

How to Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys

Parenthood can be tricky. Between changing diapers, running errands, and maintaining your baby’s schedule, you have your hands full without worrying about cleaning baby toys. However, disinfecting your baby’s favorite toys is more important to your little one’s health than you may realize.
Along with the visible dirt, drool, and food stains, your baby’s toys can harbor germs, bacteria, allergens, and even mold long before they start showing signs of wear.
That’s why it’s crucial to wipe down their toys and ensure they are truly clean and disinfected.

Methods for Cleaning and Disinfecting Baby Toys

With dozens of cleaning options, you may not know where to start. Instead of relying on the work of chemical cleaners, you can use natural solutions to safely clean baby toys.

In Boiling Water

One of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for clean baby toys is placing them in a pot of boiling water. Keep in mind that some toys require different cleaning methods. Soft plastic toys can melt when heated, but you can sanitize pacifiers, bottles, and hard plastic and silicone toys with boiling water.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil, turn off the heat, then add the toys into the pot. After 10 minutes, you can remove the toys and set them aside to dry.

In the Dishwasher

For new parents who are looking for ways to make the most of their free time, you can’t find an easier way to clean toys than running them through the dishwasher.
You can safely sanitize heat-resistant toys in a dishwasher container or mesh bag with a natural dishwasher detergent.

In the Washing Machine

You can use a washing machine for stuffed animals and plastic and rubber toys. If you choose to use this method, place smaller items in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase so they don’t get caught in the machine.
With a little bit of natural laundry detergent and a normal wash cycle, you’ll have freshly laundered baby toys in no time.

Products Safe for Cleaning Baby Toys

Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals and additives. New parents are right to choose their cleaning products carefully to ensure their children aren’t exposed to potentially harmful ingredients. So, what is a safe disinfectant for baby toys? These options will help keep your baby’s play area clean and germ-free.

Organic Dish Soap

You can use baby-safe dish soaps to clean your little one’s toys as well as their bottles and dishes. Many options are plant-based and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and alcohol.

Surface Wipes

Surface wipes are a parent’s secret weapon. Gentle surface wipes are ideal for wiping down high chairs, car seats, and toys. Choose a brand that doesn’t use fragrances or artificial dyes in the formula to keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe.

Baby Laundry Detergent

Laundry duty is no joke for parents. A nonallergenic, dermatologist-approved detergent will fight food stains and give your baby’s toys the cleaning they need.

Cleaning Fabric Toys

You need to be careful about how you wash stuffed toys. This is the best way to give some love to your child’s plushies:

1. Treat

If your baby’s favorite furry friend has been a victim of food throwing and milky drool stains, spot treat them before throwing them in the wash. You should also remove any dust and loose dirt with a vacuum before washing to ensure the fur doesn’t become matted or mangy.

2. Wash

When the stuffed animals are ready for their bath, place them in a mesh bag or pillowcase and run them through the delicate wash cycle with cold water.
However, if the toy is especially old or delicate and you don’t want to risk damaging it in the washing machine, you can hand wash it with a mild detergent and cold water. Gently squeeze the detergent through the plushie, then rinse.

3. Dry

Placing your baby’s stuffed animals in the dryer immediately after washing them can damage their fabric. Instead, it’s best to roll the toy in a clean towel to remove excess moisture, then lay the toy out to dry on a flat surface.

Sanitize Small Plastic Toys

There is a difference between sanitizing baby toys and cleaning baby toys.
Cleaning with soap and water will remove dirt, stains, and some germs, but it won’t kill viruses or bacteria. Sanitizing kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It’s always best to clean then sanitize surfaces and toys to get the best results.


A diluted bleach solution can safely sanitize your child’s toys, as long as you handle them with care.
Allow the toys to soak in the solution for 5 minutes, then rinse them well with hot water and leave them to dry before giving them back to your little one.

Laundry Sanitizer

If you’re washing stuffed animals in the washing machine, you can add a laundry sanitizer to the mix.

Disinfecting Wipes

After giving the toys a good cleaning, you can use disinfecting wipes to eliminate any remaining bacteria. After using the wipes, rinse the toys with cool water, then dry them with a clean cloth.

Disinfecting Larger, Ride-On Toys and Kids Furniture

It may take more time to clean larger toys and furniture, but it’s not impossible!
For outdoor toys and play structures, you can use a mixture of water and grease-fighting dish soap to scrub the toy with a sponge.
A cleanser made with 2 cups of white vinegar, 2 gallons of water, and a splash of lemon juice will disinfect the ride-on toys while cutting through layers of dirt and grime. This solution will also work on wooden, plastic, and vinyl furniture.

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