September 27, 2021

Baseboard Cleaning Tips

When you’re cleaning your house, it’s easy to miss the baseboards on your walls. They’re generally low to the ground and out of your line of sight. For many people, baseboard cleaning isn’t something they’ve ever thought about. However, your baseboards can collect a lot of dust in a surprisingly short amount of time.
Most households only need to clean their baseboards once a month or less. Still, it’s good to know how to clean them efficiently without damaging them. The cleaning experts at Maid Bright are here to teach you exactly what to do!

What You’ll Need

Washing your baseboards is a simple process you only need a few tools for. Here’s what to wash your baseboards with:
  • A vacuum: One with a brush attachment will work best.
  • Microfiber cloths: If you want to avoid getting on your knees or straining your back, it’s also handy to have an extension wand or microfiber mop.
  • Wood cleaner or an all-purpose spray: If you have stained wood baseboards, make sure you use natural products designed for use on wood.
  • A scrubber sponge: Coconut works best, but you can use whatever you have on hand.
  • Dryer sheets: This item is optional, but read on to see why you’ll want them.

How to Clean Your Baseboards

There are really only two steps to cleaning your baseboards:
  1. Remove the dust: Vacuum the baseboards using a brush or cleaner attachment. The goal is to remove as much dust as possible so you won’t have to do it in the next step.
  2. Take care of the scuffs: Remove scuffs and tougher residue with your microfiber cloth and all-purpose spray. This step will require you to get on your knees or use an extended pole. If you still see dirt or residue after this, lightly use your scrubber to rub it off. Be careful to avoid messing up the wood or paint.
Once you’ve finished, you might be wondering how to keep those baseboards clean for longer. The answer? Dryer sheets! Wipe a dryer sheet along your baseboard once it’s clean. The static will help repel dirt and extend the time between cleanings.

Let Maid Bright Do the Rest

Even when the cleaning process is simple, Maid Bright understands that some people still don’t have the time. Our special cleaning services will take care of everything. We reach the places you might not even think of, like interior cabinets, windows, and walls, including your baseboards. If it’s part of your house, chances are we’ll clean it. Contact us today to book our services and learn how we can help you keep your home spotless.

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