May 06, 2020

A Guide to Host Guests Safely-Airbnb

Cleanliness has always been top of mind for hosts and guests. With the current pandemic, Airbnb owners will have to be more vigilant than ever to attract house guests and provide them with a clean home once things go back to normal. Airbnb hosts, like many others in the hospitality industry, will have to make changes to their routines in order to host guests safely.

Invest in Clean

One of the most important steps to hosting guests safely will be to have a clean and disinfected home. While traditionally, hosts clean their homes before any guest, it might be a better idea to invest in professional cleaning services going forward.
  • Professional cleaning companies are equipped to clean and disinfect most properties and are trained to handle such jobs.
  • Furthermore, cleaning professionals use the proper personal protective equipment during cleanings to minimize cross contamination to keep themselves and your guests safe.
  • Cleaning professionals have a specific cleaning checklist to follow in order to clean every home thoroughly.
  • If you are attempting the cleaning yourself, follow the CDC guidelines and use an EPA registered disinfectant that is effective against bacteria, viruses and spores. Thoroughly clean all surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.
  • Clean all appliances after any guests including the dishwasher, microwave, oven, washer/dryer, coffee machine, etc.
  • Ventilate any rooms between guests to allow air circulation in your home.

Block Time Between Guests

With such strict cleaning protocols, it will be best to allow 72 hours between each guest stay. Use this time to properly get your home cleaned and ready for the next guests to arrive. Hosts can commit to keeping their home empty for a set period in between stays, with no activity other than cleaning to minimize the exposure to any viruses including Covid-19.

Laundering Towels, Beddings, Bathmats

Proper laundering of guest essentials will also be vital going forward. Use the highest heat setting available to properly launder towels, bedding and bathmats. These items will need to be sanitized properly between guests. It is also a good idea to inform your guests that outside shoes will need to be taken off at the door to avoid brining in any dirt from the outdoors, inside. This will allow your carpets and floors to stay cleaner, longer. Provide your guests with disposable slippers during their stay.

Clean and Disinfect Equipment and Supplies

Cleaning cloths and other reusable cleaning products need to be machine washed at the highest heat setting that is appropriate for the type of material to kill any germs. Any disposable items such as paper towels, disinfectant wipes need to disposed of properly. Take the trash out when you are finished and wash your hands for the appropriate time.
With the right cleaning protocol in place, you and your guests will have peace of mind in your home and it will allow you to host your guests with ease. Inform your guests of your new cleaning protocol or your use of a professional company that adheres to strict standards of cleaning. As always, Maid Bright is here to help Airbnb owners with their cleanings as you navigate hosting during these difficult times. Call 888-624-3274 today for a free estimate!

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