January 15, 2016

7 Ways to Help Your Small Business Grow

The service business industry is a very competitive industry due to the abundance of providers in each field. In order to become a brand and specialize in the cleaning field, focusing on our current business will help us in many ways to grow our existing business. We should not forget that the customer is what drives our business. Just focus on the customer!
1. Make the customer your priority.
We can meet the customer in person to give them a better impression during the consultation in order to explain our services. Also, respond promptly to phone calls and e-mails**.** Customer satisfaction is the most important element of our business. We should focus on the customer’s needs to make sure they are happy with the services they are receiving from us. A happy customer means more referrals, while an unhappy customer will spread it around in the form of negative reviews. We should periodically call or send them an e-mail to ensure the quality of our service we are providing and really listen to their concerns.
2. The Right Team, The Right Foundation
We will always make mistakes; therefore, we should have our infrastructure in place to accelerate through them. As the business grows, our business should not rely on us solely, as we should have the right team of people working with us. This will help us to stay in the business and keep up with the current demand.
**3. Don’t lose focus.
It is always easy to lose our focus when we have more than what we can handle properly. It is harder to get back on track when things are not going the way we planned. Our business will grow faster and healthier when we focus on our existing business. We will have more challenges if we get into a new business without establishing our current business. Staying focused will give you more flexibility in many ways. Most home cleaning companies do not generate enough revenue to hire more people for their operations, but staying focused will enable them to increase their sales and hire more people.
4. Know your competition.
We compete with franchises and individual operations**.** We must research every aspect of the business, both before and during the business’s lifetime, so we will start right and adapt to market changes.
5. Be Reputable.
Being an expert and owning a reputable home cleaning service will enable you to sell your services in the price that you wish. Most customers are willing to pay more for a better and well-established business; therefore, you will not need to discount your services.
6. Get more exposure.
Most reputable service companies have marked company vehicles; this can generate more business due to potential customers seeing company vehicles. Also, take advantage of local business chambers’ networking events to get to know more people. You can never know where you will get more business. Lastly, use social media outlets and a good company website to have more people get to know your business.
7. Customer Feedback.
We should take the customer feedback seriously not personally because customers are taking their time to give us their thoughts. We should respond both positive and negative feedback in a timely manner to show them how much we care about their business. Customer feedback gives us the opportunity to asses our business to make the necessary changes to enhance the quality of our service.

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