March 31, 2020

10 Spaces You May Forget to Clean & Disinfect

The novel coronavirus has most of us worried about our hygiene and cleanliness of our personal spaces. Most people know the obvious areas in our homes that require disinfecting, like the bathrooms, toilets, countertops, etc. But most people forget to clean, or rather don’t think about cleaning the following 10 places in your home:

Door Knobs

We touch door knobs all of the time. We go in and out all day all of our family members use door knobs to enter and exit rooms thorough out the day and they can build up with dirt and bacteria from our hands.

Microwave Keypad

This is another area that we often forget to clean. If you look closely, I’m sure you can see fingerprints all over the microwave keypad. We often touch food, and other surfaces and later when we heat food, we end up spreading oils and germs from our hands to the microwave.
Refrigerator Handle
How many times do you or your family reach into the refrigerator? These days, especially with the pandemic, we need to be extra careful with our food sanitation and our refrigerators. We still go to the grocery store and put our groceries away. It is a good idea to wipe down the refrigerator handle more frequently.

Cabinet/Drawer Handles

Often, we ignore handles when we clean and disinfect, but we reach into them in our bedrooms to get dressed and in the other places of our homes to find items. We neglect to wipe down handles and over time they can become sticky when touched.

Light Switches

Light switches are common places for germs. The flip is switched on and off throughout the day and night by multiple people. Even if you live alone, you’re still tracking in germs from other areas. When cleaning light switch plates, don’t spray cleaner directly onto them. Spray a microfiber towel and wipe clean.
Baseboard cleaning can be a daunting task for many homeowners. If you have white baseboards, they will show dirt and dust. Give them a good vacuum and clean with a neutral soap and water. Some people like to use a Swiffer dry sheet to pick up the dust.

Toilet Handle

Bathroom and toilet cleaning are essential in the household and there should be dedicated days for the bathroom cleaning. A dirty toilet will look bad, smell bad and breed germs. When you clean, don’t forget the toilet handle. We touch the toilet handle the most in the bathroom along with faucet handles.


A dirty vacuum can lead to blockages and inadequate cleaning in your home. Make sure to empty the canister after vacuuming if you have a bag less vacuum. Change the bag often to avoid when the bag gets full. Wipe down the outside, including the handle often to avoid spreading germs.

Cleaning Bottles and Supplies

Cleaning with dirty supplies will not get your home clean or disinfected. Wash the microfiber towels after each cleaning. Wipe down the outside of spray bottles to get rid of built up cleaning solutions.


When we think of areas to clean, our cars don’t immediately come to mind, we associate cleaning with our homes. Our cars need to be cleaned and disinfected too. The steering wheel, door handles, radio, gear shift and our car keys all need to be disinfected when cleaning our cars.
If you start to include these areas into your regular cleaning routine, they will always get cleaned and disinfected. It is important to have a regular cleaning routine or a professional cleaning company to clean your home at designated periods. Cleaning and disinfecting your home should be a priority to avoid dirt and germs from accumulating inside of your home!

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